Week One: Boomerang (1992)


Boomerang : Original Cinema Quad Poster
l Boomerang : Original Cinema Quad Poster


Title: Boomerang

Writer: Eddie Murphy

Screenplay: Barry W. Blaustein & David Sheffield

Director: Reginald Hudlin

Main Cast: Eddie Murphy- Marcus

Robins Givens- Jaqueline

Halle Berry- Angela

David Alan Grier- Gerard

Martin Lawerence- Tyler

Grace Jones- Strang’e

Release Date: 1 July, 1992

Plot: The plot of the movie is based on a top executive named Marcus Grant (Eddie Murphy) who gets girls with no issue and uses and abuses them, with his charm and charisma but one day the company he works for merges and he finds himself with a new hot boss names Jaqueline (Robin Givens). The boss is nothing more than a female version of Marcus, and for the first time he now is getting the treatment he gave to woman all his life.

Jaqueline takes Marcus through the ringer giving him the run around and making him beg for her time and company. As this occurs Jaqueline attractive assistant Angela (Halle Berry)  who is dating Marcus friend starts to get an interest in his ways and seeks to date him. Marcus and Angela date for a bit or see each other and things go bad, until the dog in Marcus is laid to rest and he finally realizes that a good woman is starring him in right in his face.

Discussion Question: When looking at Boomerang, I feel the movie is presented in chronological order. The reason I feel this way is because the movie demonstrates an arranged order of how the plot is given to the audience. I feel the movie explains the main characters ways in the beginning and how he changes for the better as we get to the end.

When looking at the aesthetic choice and its relation to the audience I feel it showed the audience what love really is and truly showed that anyone can change when the right person comes along. When looking at the characters in the movie, I feel that there is a balance to the story telling method.

The reason I feel this way is because we were not sucked into Marcus too much in the movie because everyone played unique roles in displaying the final result of the movie. I believe if the film had a different presentation style, I think the audience general effect would be the same.

The reason I feel this way is because whichever way the plot is presented, the end meaning to the movie is everyone will find there match out here, or that person who will be the one in there life. It may come later than others but it will come.

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