Week 2- Discussion 2 / Lighting / Paid in Full (2002)

Good day, when reviewing the movie “Paid in Full” (2002) and the lighting in the movie, I chose one of my favorite scenes to discuss. The scene I chose was a scene from the beginning of the film, in this scene all the three friends are hanging out on the table eating Chinese food and and talking trash to one another.

In this scene the character Rico is talking trash to Mitch that he cannot make a paper bag shot for $5,000 dollars, with his pride on the line, Mitch decides to take the bet and makes the shot to win $10,000 dollars. After Mitch wins the bet Rico decides to make him take another shot this time doubling his money if he makes another paper bag shot.

When he did this Mitch missed and had to pay Rico $20,000 dollars. When looking at this scene the type of lighting I feel that is associated with this is low-key lighting. According to (Goodykoontz, Jacobs. 2014) “A low-key lighting design looks dark overall by comparison. It is marked by extreme use of deep shadows, with very high contrast between the brightest parts of the scene and the darkest parts, which are obscured in shadows.

I feel this way because when you look at the scene it displays a very dark look almost at a sense to make you focus on what is on the table and the characters in the scene. The lighting gives you that 1980’s look of the hip hop era with the nice clothes, jewelery, and money on the table.

I believe the benefits of having this style of lighting to me create the scene the director was trying to make. I say this because starting as one of the first scenes in the movie the low-key lighting makes you feel like the characters are all best friends hanging at a table, it makes you pay attention to nothing else in the scene but them. This is done because the rest of the scene is dark and the light focus is on the table.

When looking at the technique contributed to the scene this is done by making the audience only focus on the table and the conversation that was occurring. The scene dark background and low lighting reminded you what you were needing to observe in the scene. I feel when looking at the genre of the film I believe the lighting was very suitable to it.

I feel this way because being a American fiction crime-drama you tend to have sad, evil, or violent scene because these films never seem to end well. This is because someone is going to be crossed, killed, or put in jail with these type of films and the outcomes wont be a good one.

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